I love Christmas. I spend a lot of time shopping and choosing the right gift for friends and family. This year, while shopping or after opening the gifts given to us, here are some of the great Christmas finds that we have discovered.

1) Children’s Clothes from Mothercare

Pretty ensembles for Baby Girl at Mothercare ;)

Pretty ensembles for Baby Girl at Mothercare ;)

I am a Mothercare fan. Most of the clothes of my baby come from Mothercare and Gingersnaps! Why do I buy from these two stores? I love the unique designs that they come up with and the clothes are really made out of good material. I love that my baby looks her best wearing these clothes.

2) Baby Snacks from Healthy Options

Baby Snacks from Healthy Options!

Baby Snacks from Healthy Options!

For babies (and moms) who are on-the-go, you will realize that every so often, baby needs to snack on something healthy. I find it hard to carry fruits since it gets all mushy and soft. I discovered these healthy and delicious snacks. I saw my cousing giving them to her baby and had Zeeka try it. Ever since that time, Zeeka has been enjoying the different snacks from Healthy Options. BTW, thank you to my friend, Jess, for the picture :) Her baby, Chelsea, loves these, too!

3) TOMS shoes for kids

TOMS for Babies!

TOMS for Babies!

When I saw these shoes from TOMS, I wanted to buy a pair for Zeeka. I love the gold sparkly shoes. They have shoes that could actually fit a 3 month old baby (would you believe!).  Each pair would cost around Php 2000+.

4) Children’s Books from National Bookstore

Books from National Bookstore

Books from National Bookstore

We love going to National Bookstore to look at books and random stuff. In one of our visits, we saw Children’s storybooks which were written by local authors and were published here in the Philippines. EJ and I bought three books. Each one was at around Php 75.00 (very affordable!).  The books had both English and Filipino copy. Among the three books that we bought, this book, My Father, the Shape Shifter, made me cry.

It was so sad! It was a boy who had an OFW as a father. The book told the story of how the boy coped with his father not being around all the time. It made me tear up in the end. :-)

5) Isabel Rag Dolls

Isabel Rag Dolls

Isabel Rag Dolls

Christmas Finds 0006

Christmas Finds 0007

My cousin gave Zeeka this rag doll. My daughter loves it and her unique way of expressing love for Sandy (that’s the name I gave the doll) is by pulling its hair. Although Sandy doesn’t look the way she does in this photo (she now has super gulo hair), my baby is fond of her. She would clap her hands when seated across her doll. I haven’t tried changing her outfit. Sandy came with another outfit so you can actually change her dress.

Sandy is an Isabel Rag Doll. Isabel Rag Dolls are one of a kind cuddly dolls made by ANTHILL’s direct urban community – Home Of Mary Enterprise. To know more about Antill, please visit http://www.anthillfabricgallery.com/index.php

The dolls are washable and measure 18 inches in height and 3.75 inches in width.

6) Brookies from Park Avenue Desserts

Park Avenue Desserts' Brookies

Park Avenue Desserts’ Brookies

Christmas Finds 0010

Oh my! I love Brookies! These are little pastries that look like small pieces of brownies in the shape of a muffin but taste like really really good cookies. I actually don’t really know how to classify these pastries, but what I do know is that they taste heavenly. The texture is chewy and once you bite into it, you get a taste of the chocolate fudge located at its center. I just love it!

For more desserts and pastries from PArk Avenue Desserts, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Park-Avenue-Desserts/201284547144


7) Loudbasstard

Amazing Loudbasstard

Amazing Loudbasstard

I saw this product at Kultura in SM. At first, I didn’t get what it was. I then realized when I saw the display mock phone that it was a bamboo sound amplifier compatible with phones, mp3 players and other portable devices with built-in speakers. I immediately thought that it was a good gift idea! Each product was made from natural bamboo and each item is organically-treated, cut, dyed, packaged and assembled in Cebu (yes, made in the Philippines! ;>)

This is such a cool product and to learn more about it, please visit http://www.loudbasstard.com/

That’s it! I hope you liked these products and my discoveries for Christmas 2013!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

The Manila Reviews Team

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