I went to a workshop a few months ago where the speaker was Ms. Carrie Lupoli. During the workshop, she talked about the importance of ‘play’ in educating infants and children early on in their lives. I was inspired to create a workshop about Baby Milestones, since this is one topic parents (especially first time parents) want to learn more about. I forgot that this topic was very much related to the significance of play.

I realized that I missed out on that when my events director, Iso, came to me with a comprehensive outline, which included learning activities. She mentioned that our very good speaker wanted to include this.

Our speaker for the How I Learn Workshop is Teresa Lilia Cabusora, Ph.D. She is a Child Development and Early Childhood Education Specialist.

Project 21 Parenting Pals How I Learn

I really hope that you can attend this seminar. We made the fee really affordable at Php 250 per person since we really want to help parents and even the yayas at home understand how important play is.

The workshop will be this coming Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 9:00 am at Babyland Shaw Boulevard.

For more details about this parenting workshop and ti sign up, please go to this link:

Hope to see you there!

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