Silence and not having somewhere to go to allows me to reflect on my life. Reflection is good. I realize that sometimes I stress over little things — things that won’t allow me to be productive. These are things, which get me down. So what do I do to lessen the ‘stressors and stress’ in my life?

1. Avoid Negative People
Negative people will just find ways to bring you down. Obviously, they have nothing good to say. You will immediately detect these kinds of people. They always have nothing good to say about other people, only about themselves (although some can’t really event say good things about themselves). They find it really really hard to give out compliments, and if they give out compliments, it’s because they have an ulterior motive. I have encountered a LOT of people who are like this and believe me, it’s better if you just stay away (if you can).

2. Avoid people who love chaos
There are people who love drama; therefore, these people are constantly looking for fights. Again, try to avoid these people.

3. Exercise
Going for a long walk or a jog or practicing yoga can help produce endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! Aside from that, going out for a walk can help you relax as it takes you away from daily stressors — like work, etc.

4. Weigh every week instead of every day
If your main stressor is your weight, while on a healthy diet and routine, try to avoid weighing yourself everyday. If you really want to weigh yourself, you can weigh yourself weekly. Fluctuations in weight may be because of water weight.

If something else keeps you from feeling happy and relaxed, you can check out this workshop. From this workshop, you’ll learn self management techniques that will help you achieve a peaceful life. This workshop is called Be Happy, Go Stress Free.

Be Happy, Go Stress Free

Be Happy, Go Stress Free

The facilitator for this workshop is Optimommy, Jayme Gatbonton. She’s certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is currently a Mass Communications teacher to college students. Her blog is You can read all about her in her blog.

This workshop is for you if…
– You are a busy working mom living a high – stress life and you want to learn a fast tool to feel more confident and more calm even as you try to balance building a career and nourishing a family.

– You are a Work at home or stay at home mom and you want to have an easy stress reliever to help you manage the pressures of making a living while making a home almost 24/7.

– You’ve gained weight because of stress eating and you want to kickstart your weight loss journey on the right foot.

– You always worry about money and you want to feel more confident about your finances so you can figure out how to keep it flowing in your life.

– You are open, willing and ready to practice a simple yet effective tool to change your life and to share your insights with fellow moms.

What can you expect from the workshop?

Jayme will share with you:
– Easy to follow action steps that will help you to eliminate stress and to be open to more calm and joy.
– Practical and fast tools that you can use on yourself whenever you need to.
– Heaps and heaps of love, understanding and compassion as we let the toxic stress out and the nourishing calm in.

During the workshop, you will…
– Know how to identify your stress triggers and where they come from
– Learn a step by step process to hone in on specific stressors and to discover how they affect you
– Practice a simple tool to eliminate the stress and to allow more calm to flow into your life
– Gain support from a group of amazing women who are committed to creating an inspired and purposeful life

If you want a stress-free life, sign up now by clicking HERE. Learning fee is just at Php 1000 and if you come in a group, you can just pay Php 800 each. The workshop will be on September 8, 2013 at Babyland Shaw Boulevard.

Here is the map going to Babyland:

Map of Babyland

Map of Babyland

I hope you could really enroll and enjoy using the learnings from this workshop! See you there!

Love lots,

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