Filipinos are natural food lovers and have that certain craving for sumptuous meals. While we tend to explore on the different array of food choices, most people would prefer to snack on whatever suits their budget. Despite our economic conditions, Filipinos love for food is still visible as numerous food establishments have opened in a short span of time.

Food Business Trend

Filipinos have that certain inclination to imitate what is “In”. As a matter of fact, we have seen a few short lived booms of food businesses for the past few years – shakes, scramble, siomai, buko shake and now, milk tea. Not so long ago, you will have to patiently wait for your turn to be served as customers flock these food stands just to satisfy their cravings.

There is no denying that milk tea is one of the most popular among the food businesses as of the moment. If you are to observe, most milk tea stands are located side by side especially inside the mall. Given this situation, it is sometimes hard to choose among them as they usually offer the same thing except for a few flavors. With the current popularity of milk tea in our country, it is expected that small business owners shall hit the market to compete with the big brands, giving the masses a taste of the much publicized milk tea.

Staying Power
Competing for a limited market, it is sometimes hard to think how these newly opened business establishments tend to survive in this tight competition. Taking into consideration their monthly and overhead expenses, they have to sell really well in order to succeed in the food business.

With today’s economic situations, most Filipinos would choose to buy the cheaper ones. If you are to observe, most food businesses which succeed in the market today offers inexpensive products. However, offering low prices doesn’t guarantee that you shall succeed in this business. More than its price, flavor and palatability are the main factors that business owners have to take into consideration.

So, do you have it takes to be a food entrepreneur? Bring out those secret recipes and set the flow for the next food business trend.

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