Since it has been raining, I have been lazy to go out of the house. I thank the heavens above for this wonderful thing called the Internet. I have been shopping mostly for Baby Zeeka these past few days — from laundry detergent to clothes. And then, I stumble upon this site called Lazada, which got me even more excited to do online shopping. I’m sure you have seen their ads one way or the other. I have seen their ads online and at the back of buses!

This got me curious and interested to check out their site. They have 14 categories that you can choose from. They have great products listed for each category.

I immediately went to the Toys and Babies Category. These are the three products that I can’t wait to buy!

1) Oogaa Purple Bowl Silicone Mealtime Set

Oogaa Purple Bowl Silicone Mealtime Set

Since Baby Z will already have teeth in a month or two, I can’t wait to buy her this. The spoons are shaped like a train and an airplane. I know I will have fun feeding her, while teaching her “choo-choo” sounds and introducing her to flying airplanes. The set has a 9 oz bowl and 2 spoons and all are made out of silicone. They are BPA free too and dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe and oven-safe.

2) Goodbaby Umbrella Stroller (Green)

Goodbaby Umbrella Stroller (Green)

I plan to bring Zeeka to different places to explore and discover the world. But you know how it is with toddlers, they sometimes want you to carry them, because their tired. Now that my daughter is 3 months old, I already find her heavy! What more when she’s 6 months old.

With this, I found a cute stroller that I could buy which is very handy for travelling. It’s made by one of my trusted brands of strollers, Goodbaby. I love the color. I love colorful things, and so does my baby fashionista.

3) Enfant Toddler Shoes with Flower Embroidery and Strawberry Design (Violet)

Enfant Toddler Shoes with Flower Embroidery and Strawberry Design (Violet)

Speaking of being a fashionista, my little daughter will love these shoes. She loves the color violet and I’m sure she’ll be attracted to the design. I’m already thinking of a cute ensembles that she can wear with these Enfant shoes.

There are a lot of things that you can buy at Lazada. You’ll definitely enjoy online shopping! Let me know what items you want to buy. :)

Love lots,

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