With many external battery brands in the market, consumers usually have a plethora of choices that have different shapes, capacities, and gimiks. Mili is one of the first and, certainly, one of the most reliable out there.

Mili Power Sunny

I was provided recently with a Mili Power Sunny and I was able to not only test it’s capacity and it’s reliability.

It had 3,100mah of power and it comes with the following adapters for charging a number of devices:
a. Apple cable/adapter for iPhone and iPod
b. Micro-USB tip for smartphones like Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, and the like
c. Mini-USB tip for devices like the Huawei mifi, PSP, etc.

I found that 1 full charge of the Mili Power Sunny device is enough to fully charge my phone TWICE. And that’s with the heavy usage I subject my phone to: always on wifi, gameboy emulation on my free time, emoji enabled sms device, occasional Facebook and Twitter checks, and, most surprisingly, to make calls. It essentially lasts me 2 days, perfect for outings.

Size of the Mili Power Sunny: Very compact and handy

Lighted Indicator

Aside from the capacity, it also has enough juice to charge my phone QUICKLY. It’s usually an overlooked convenience, but the faster you charge your phone, the sooner you can go back to using your phone normally. Also, the speed doesn’t give it a chance to overheat, thus saving even more battery life.

I highly recommend the power sunny for heavy phone users like me. It’s definitely worth the sticker price of Php 2500.

To order, visit: Mili.ph

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    • EJ Arboleda

      Yes, although you do have to provide your own cable. Any cable will work actually that connects to USB will work. Your iPhone5 should’ve come with a USB->Lightning cable (connected to the plug itself) – you can use that!


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