Naderev Saño, lead negotiator for the Philippines at the Climate Conference in Doha, could not hold his tears as he made a passionate appeal for real action on climate change.

This speech was made was right on the heels of Typhoon Pablo, one of the most devastating typhoons to hit the country ever.

Sometimes, we have to step back from all this talk of RH-bill, Pacquiao vs Marquez, even taxes, and look at the bigger planet-wide picture. We are on a slow but inevitable path towards planetary suicide and yet we’re too busy with the relatively mundane issues. To quote Seth Myers:

…I feel like every six months the worst thing that’s ever happend in the world happens weather-wise. And I feel like we’re going to look back on this time the way baseball fans in the 90s were like “No, nobody’s using steroids.”
We are in the Steroid Era of storms and yet there are more people in Congress who probably think this is because, like, gays are marrying… Than the fact that the world is just dying.

(video here)

I, for one, am proud of Yeb Saño for standing up for what I believe is in the best interest of the Philippines – a clear globally-shared sense of accountability and responsibility to finally solve the climate change issue.

Proudly Pinoy,

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