What can you offer yaya or ate or inday for this Christmas season that would last them a lifetime? I think knowledge or the gift of training will still be the best gift. We were discussing this topic in a thread in one of my facebook groups on why can’t yaya’s and maids be given the same benefit of attending workshops and training, which are the same as employees in a company. Come to think of it, this will benefit both the yaya/maid and the ‘amo’.

Good news for people in the North! The Manila Workshops Team would like to invite you to send your yaya, maid, ‘ate’, household help, ‘manang’, etc. to attend the first workshop of our House Helper Series, Ok Ka, Yaya Ko! Workshop. This workshop will be held at the Valle Verde 5 Cabana on February 2, 2013. It will be a whole day workshop, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, which includes sessions and interactive activities on First Aid, Child Care, Self-Development and Etiquette.

The topics are also very beneficial. This workshop will be conducted by Ms. Cristina Mendoza, a registered nurse and also a pre-school teacher. She is the also the Managing Director of Venturelab.ph.

The training will include the following topics:
Mahalin ang Sarili: teaching them about self worth and manners and etiquette, from Personal Hygiene (head to toe), – Handwashing to Personality Development (honesty, loyalty), answering the phone, how to treat guests, Home Safety, etc.
Responsibilities/Housework: teaching them on how to clean different parts of the house, how to dispose of garbage, laundry, ironing, etc. and also how to prepare food, teach them about food safety and allergic reactions and even healthier Alternatives
Caring For The Elderly: teaching them on how to check vital signs, proper body mechanics, sleeping and exercise
“KID”-centered: teaching them developmental stages, baby care (cleaning, bathing, feeding) and school (homework, bantay sa school, iwas chismis, baon), Social Opportunities, Hygiene, First Aid, etc.
Iwas Stress sa Yaya: teaching them on ho to cope with stress

The rates are also very affordable. The rates are the following:
– Regular Rate of Php 1500 per participant
Promo Rates:
– Early Bird Rate (Pay on or before January 15, 2013): Php 1100 per participant
– Group Rate (a group of 2-3 participants): Php 1100 per participant
* Lunch included

To register, you can fill out this form below:

For more inquiries, please contact Manila Workshops via manilaworkshops@gmail.com or via mobile number +639178555990.

Hope this helps you manage your household better!

Only 2 days more before Christmas! Yey!


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