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Have you gone to Robinsons Magnolia yet? It’s this new mall that I love going to. Why? The hallways are so spacious and I really love its design. The only thing that stresses me out though is their parking process. They ask you to pay in a counter near the entrances of the mall and yet they still have people that collect receipts and guide traffic at the exits of the parking. I do hope that they improve that.

Inside the mall, we got to try out yogurt bars and yogurt mochi. It was of a brand called Koori. Koori Premium Yogurt Creations is just a stall in Robinsons Magnolia. They also have another branch at the Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo.

EJ and I both tried the Yogurt bars. I tried the Cookies and Cream, which was a regular flavor, and EJ tried the Praline Almond, which was a Premium flavor. The regular flavors cost Php 70.00 each. If you are going to give it as a gift, a box of 6 is at Php 400. For the premium flavors, a solo order is at Php 95, while a box of 6 is at 540.00.

The available flavors are:
I. Regular Flavors: Chocolate, Cookies N’ Cream, Green Tea, Rice Crispies and Strawberry
II. Premium Flavors: Azuki – Taro, Mocha Cookie Crumble, Pistachio Green Tea and Praline Almond

They also sell Yogurt Mochi. They have two variants: the Chocolate-shell Mochi and the Gourmet Mochi. The flavors of the chocolate-shell mochi are azuki, chocolate, green tea, strawberry and taro. These are Php 85.00 each or Php 485 for a box of 6. The gourmet mochi are at Php 100 each or Php 575 for a box of 6. The flavors are Azuki-matcha, azuki-taro, mango, midnight cookie and strawberry cheesecake.

Have you tried these yummy desserts? What’s your favorite flavor?

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