If you are in the Bonifacio Global City area and if you’re craving for ramen, here’s some good news. After an hour and a half of grocery shopping, my husband and I were hungry for dinner. We decided to try Moshi Koshi, the restaurant that we always see on our way to the parking of Market! Market! Moshi Koshi is located at the Ground Floor of McKinley Parkway (in front of Serendra).

I thought the place was very cool! I loved the interiors and the very clean ambiance. The restaurant had a counter where you order your food. After a few minutes, the waiters would come and serve the dishes. I also love their placemats. The layout was simple yet catchy. I loved the green and orange theme with the black background. It’s very modern and hip.

As for the food, of course, we had to try one of their noodle dishes. They had different types of Ramen, Soba, Udon and some noodles from the pan. We were in the mood for Soba, the “healthy noodle” so we ordered the Tempura Soba (Php 170). Just for added information, Soba is actually made from buckwheat flour.

Tempura Soba (Php 170)

We loved the soup! Ej practically finished sipping and gulping the sauce. The noodles were tender and chewy as Moshi Koshi promises it to be.

Chicken Curry (Php 245)

We were enjoying the experience so my husband ordered a spicy dish — the Chicken Curry. The dish was served with colorful veggies on top of the rice. The chicken was drowning in sauce. Overall, the dish was okay but we hoped that there was more servings of chicken meat.

Oyakodon (Php 160)

I, on the other hand, ordered a Donburi (rice toppings). I ordered the Oyakodon. I loved it. I loved the flavor and the amount of toppings that they place was enough for me. If you want it spicier (like how I want it), just ask for chili powder. I wished though that the dish was a little bit more ‘saucy’.

Moshi Koshi offered a good dining experience for us. If you want a reasonable Japanese restaurant to dine in or if you are craving for Ramen, Soba or Udon, check out Moshi Koshi at Market! Market!

Are you a lover of Japanese cuisine? Have you tried Moshi Koshi?

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For more details on Moshi-Koshi Noodle Boss, here is there website:
For their Facebook Fanpage, click HERE.

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