It’s been hard for me to veer away from topics about moms now that I am going to be a mom in 4 months. I’ve been placing all my mommy related posts in Manila Fitness, but then I realized that I also have my Home and Leisure section here in Manila Reviews, where I can actually talk about Mommy Shopping! Haha! I don’t want to bore you with all the health updates and updates on my baby, Baby PA (palma-arboleda), so for those who want to read about that, you can visit

Because of my love right now for anything related to moms (baby stuff, mommy online stores, pregnancy stuff, mommy brands, mom entrepreneurs), I am declaring this and next week as Mommy Week or in this case, Mommy Weeks (since these are two straight weeks of all mommy topics)! Since I will be a new mom, most of the stores I will feature are shops of where I want to buy stuff for our upcoming little Baby PA. I think this is also the best time to post since the Mommy Mundo Bazaar, where you can get most of the things I will be posting here, will be on November 24-25! :)

For more information about the bazaar, you can go to

I hope to see you there! :) I will be posting some of my suggested buys and stores to visit starting tomorrow. Kuddos to all the mom entrepreneurs with their own mommy online stores, mommy stores and mommy brands that I have come across! I’d like to be one someday!


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