Milk tea places are a dime a dozen, and although they do have a certain “comfort food” vibe that Pinoys have picked up on, they are far from being a treat for connoisseurs. This makes (pronounced da-you-deh) Tea Corporation such a gem.

Upon entering you’re faced with a wall of colorful tea containers: Store Front

half of the restaurant is a storefront for their tea

the other half (along with the tables outside) is the restaurant

When asked about what tea to try at, they were quick to mention a few that are frequently ordered. One of which was Skala.

Skala Iced Tea

It was one of the fruit teas on the menu. My wife got to order this and she said that she loved that it wasn’t to sour. It had a mild taste, but was very addicting. It was a drink that kept you sipping endlessly. I, on the other hand, ordered another type of drink — The Lemon Thirst Quencher.

It was made out of lemongrass tea and pandanus jelly. I liked it, too. I had that mild taste of pandan and the jelly was a pleasant addition to the drink. I commend for using paper straws, but the problem was, my straw gets a bit soggy that I get to taste paper already. I’m not a fast drinker and I love to enjoy my tea, so in the end, I ended up taking out the straw and just sipping it from the glass.

As for the food, we ordered the two dishes recommended by the servers. We ordered the Crisp Pork Banh Mi (Php 390) and the Burger (Php 420).

Crispy Pork Banh Mi

The Crisp Pork Banh Mi was made out of crispy sisig, tea & sriracha, vegetable slaw and potato wedges. It was quite a unique dish. The strong and salty taste of the sisig was neutralized by the creamy and subtle taste of the vegetables. Every bite was a unique journey that lasts for a couple of minutes. It sometimes ends with a little of that pork skin that gets stuck at your teeth, but it isn’t something someone can’t handle. Burger

My wife and I both loved the Burger more though. The burger was made out of a 200g Beef patty, cherry compote, corn wasabi mayonnaise and green with potato wedges on the side. The beef was perfectly cooked. The meat was so tender inside and yet there were parts that were crisp at the outer layer. The corn wasabi mayonnaise with the burger was just the perfect combination. We would definitely go back to to order this again. You can never go wrong with ordering this dish.

Of course, our palates were not satisfied if we did not have dessert to end our meal. We had to order the recommended desserts. We had the Apple Struddle and the Tea and Choco Pudding.

Both of the desserts were quite substantial. I think a single serving can actually be shared by 2-4 people. We loved the Tea and Choco pudding. The pudding had the right consistency. It was served at the right temperature and recommending taking a scoop of the pudding mixed with the vanilla ice cream was a bright idea.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit to Formerly, my knowledge of tea was limited to the difference between green and black. But with, I’m excited to expand my tea knowledge by coming back for more.

Proudly Pinoy,

PS – More Details: Tea Corporation Website
G/F Net Lima Building, 4th Avenue cor 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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Parking: They allow parking on the streets during non office hours so you can park on the street when you’re getting dinner. Otherwise, the closest would be the parking area in front of the Forbeswood condominiums.

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