Among a bunch of books at home, I was scavenging and looking for the perfect coffee table book. I was frustrated since I couldn’t find one that I like to use for our newly moved-in condo unit. It has been my goal to make our home our project for the past weeks. Then, I heard a doorbell. I received my copy of the Into The Greenzone Palawan Islands. I was so happy!

Into the Greenzone: Palawan Islands Coffee Table Book

Coffee table books, for me, should speak of the interests of those in the household. I remember all the coffee table books of my grandmother about the history of the Philippines. She had some on the EDSA revolution, some on the Philippine presidents, etc. She lived through those days and so that’s probably the reason why she has all those books. EJ and I have been advocates of promoting what’s good and amazing about the Philippines. That was the reason we created Manila Reviews. I think Into the Greenzone is the perfect Coffee table book for us. We love promoting the beautiful and good things in the Philippines.

Into The Greenzone Coffee Table Book is filled with beautiful pictures of Palawan, one of the magnificent destinations in the Philippines. The photos were taken by Mr. George Tapan, a famous Filipino photographer who won the National Geographic (Nat Geo) Contest late last year. His shot that won, “Into the Greenzone” was taken in the island of Onuk in Balabac, Palawan. He and his his team where stranded there because of a sudden rainstorm. That photo is the cover photo of this Coffee table book.

These amazing photos with great composition exhibited quite a lot of scenes from Palawan Islands. He showed photos on the scenery of the Islands, on its wildlife, on its land structures, on the people and culture, on environment and history and on its tourism landscape during these modern times.

The book is at elegantly made at 11.5″ x 12″ and is enveloped by a hard cover. It has 288 pages and printed in Hong Kong. The publishers are Simon Leith, Louis-Paul Heusaff, ang Eugene Ong . Price of the book is as follows:

A. Wholesale/Corporate price per book (Minimum order of 300 books): PHP 2,250.00 (with free Special Jacket)
B. Wholesale/Corporate price per book (Minimum order of 200 books): PHP 2,500.00 (with free Special Jacket)
C. Wholesale/Corporate price per book (Minimum order of 100 books): PHP 2,750.00 (with Special Jacket but will shoulder half of the printing cost)
D. Wholesale/Corporate price per book (Minimum order of 10 books): PHP 3,000.00
E. Commercial price per uniy: PHP 3,500

If you want to order the Into the Greenzone: Palawan Islands Coffee Table Book, you can visit this site:

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