The holidays are here again! What I love about the holidays is that we all get to spend time with the family. There are a lot of family celebrations. Relatives from abroad visit and stories are exchanged. Memories are made!

I have already felt the start of the joyous ‘ber’ months. Recently, my hubby’s family has already started having ‘balikbayans’ over. I love family gatherings, especially because of all the delicious food that is served. Now that I am pregnant with our first child, I have a great excuse to gain weight! Haha!

During that family celebration, we had a lot of food, which included a new pizza flavor variant from Angel’s pizza, a new pasta variant and chicken wings.

The new flavor variant of Angels Pizza Pasta Combo is the Meaty BBQ. I loved that it was topped with a thick layer of meat. Talk about protein overload, which was quite impressive! It was filling. The meat was cooked well and the noticeable flavor was the sweet BBQ sauce. The sauce made the pizza unique.

I also loved the cheesy pizza. I love cheese so this pasta was quite a treat. The meat sauce was just right.

The other new product was the Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a bit ‘saucy’. I like them crispy and crunchy, so the wings weren’t actually what I wanted.

Overall, the new products from Angel’s Pizza were quite unique. You can order them for office parties or for holiday parties with family.

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Angels Pizza Pasta Combo
For deliveries: Please call 922-22-22
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