I know it is already passed Mother’s day, but after hearing Corrinne May’s latest album Crooked Lines, it reminds me of a mother’s love to her child. The message of the songs convey such loving words.

In My Arms, one of the songs in the album, was like a mother’s love expressed by singing a lullaby to her child to have a good night’s sleep. It like like looking at a perfect painting of a Madonna. While Lazarus, is a Christian song that talks about Lazarus of Bethany, a figure in the Gospel of John. The song describes him during the time he was raised by Jesus from the dead.

An eye opener was 24 Hours. It was a song that makes you listen and think about questions like: “What if you only had 24 hours left to live? How are you going to spend these precious moments?”. Sometimes we do take our lives for granted, because we assume that we are still too young to die, or even to the point that we even think of ourselves as immortals. It’s a good song to listen to when you want to reflect every once in a while.

Beautiful Life gives an inspirational boost. After hearing this song, it will uplift your soul and will remind you to appreciate the smallest things that we regularly encounter. We tend to be blinded by the problems and burdens that lead us to forget that life is beautiful. The song has a strong positive effect on human emotions, accompanied by a hypnotizing rhythm.

The song Crooked Lines, was inspired from Corrine May’s absence from a four-year hiatus to nurture her daughter, who was a source of inspiration for this album. Kuddos to her since she was able to relate this simple incident between God’s love to man and a mother’s love to her daughter. Even as dramatic as it may seem, she added a personal recording of her daughter singing the nursery rhyme, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, at the end of the song.

You Believed, had a synonymous message with You Loved — that you should not give up as long as there is someone who believes in you. When I Close My Eyes is a prayer song. It tells us that whenever we close our eyes while meditating, we tend to see the beautiful world that God created.

Pinocchio is a song not about the famous fictional character but rather on how the singer compares human weakness to a lost puppet on his way back home. Just What I Was Looking For , in turn, deals with a person who just came from a broken relationship and is now having some doubts in taking on a new love.

Another song with a story is Because of Love. It reminded me of an independent-minded teenager confronting an unplanned pregnancy in the movie Juno (2007 comedy-drama). Both the song and movie talks about teenage pregnancy. Your Song is the best offer that a singer-composer can give to her loved one and especially to God and that is to be His song. Sight of Love is another Christian song that reminds us of Jesus’ love by sacrificing His own life to save us from sins.

And finally, If You Ask was a very moving song. Corrine May, being a devout Catholic, made music, which is inspired by her relationship with God, and this song proves it. Listen to her angelic voice in times of worship and at the same time hear her sing for her daughter with a mother’s love.

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