I love hearing inspiring words from others, especially when it comes to starting their own businesses. As I listened to Anton Diaz’s talk on Blogging last Friday, I wanted very much to be like him. I wanted to earn from doing the thing that I am most passionate about, which was Blogging. I agree with him that if you have got to earn to live, why not do it doing the thing that you love the most?

Congratulations first batch of the Blogging: The Formula for Success Workshop!

In the morning of the workshop organized by Manila Workshops, he discussed a lot of things on how a blog should be built and how posts should be written. I have been blogging for 4 years now for Manila Reviews, and I have attended numerous social media and blogging seminars. What I loved from the talk and what I remembered are his thoughts and ideas shared based on his own experiences. The technical stuff, you can read about online, but the really valuable lessons learned during that day were from actual stories from Anton.

In the afternoon, the topic revolved around marketing and how to price your advertising spots for direct advertisers. He also discussed advertising networks, etc. We learned a lot from this seminar. I hope bloggers who are serious about taking their blogs to the next level attended this workshop or get to attend the next one.

I will try to apply the learning from this seminar. We have actually taken action and come up with a new format and design for Manila Reviews. You will see this, as well, for our other blogs. We hope that this will bring a positive change for us. You will even notice the changes in the way we write our posts :)

Xpert.ph’s Brian engaging the audience with a trivia game.

Another interesting thing that was discussed during the workshop was Xpert.ph. Xpert.ph was the sponsor for the Blogging: The Formula for Success Workshop. It is a portal where experts in different fields and topics can share ideas and answer questions from people. It is a portal to go to when looking for medical advise, legal advise, advise on where to go to for dates, on relationships, on shopping, etc. If you want to sign up as an expert, go to this facebook fanpage (https://www.facebook.com/Xpertph) and ask for the form. You can also follow them in Twitter (https://www.facebook.com/Xpertph). They will be launching the Xpert.ph portal this month so watch out for it.

I hope that people who attended this workshop of Manila Workshops learned a lot. I know I did! We are thinking of running another session of this workshop. If you are interested, sign up below so that we can contact you.

Hope to meet you soon!

Proudly Pinoy,

P.S. Just as an inspirational message, my motto is always to begin with the end in mind. If you think that you can make blogging your primary source of income, then go work towards that goal. Complacency is our enemy! ;)

P.P.S. Thanks to Almost Gourmet for the delicious food and to Coffee, Tea by Me! for the brewed and blended coffee! Thanks to Studio SnR for being so supportive!

P. P.P.S. Sharing some pictures of the workshop!

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  1. TheGoMom

    Hi ginger! Thanks so much for organizing this workshop. I learned so much and Anton is such a good speaker. He is not only good in teaching the how’s and what’s of blogging but also inspired me to goodness. Anton is not only our awesome planet. He is an awesome person! Thanks again!

    • Ginger Arboleda

      Thank you, TheGoMom, for attending, as well! Do spread the word to other bloggers. We are thinking of running this workshop again for those who were not able to attend :) What changes have you done so far in your blog? :)


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