Our family always has a ‘favorite restaurant’ to go for family occasions in certain months of the year. This year, one of the more frequented place for celebrations is Hai Shin Lou, a Chinese Restaurant along Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay Road).

Looking for the place is relatively easy. Parking is also a breeze. In front of the store are numerous parking slots. Everytime we visit though, the parking slots are always full. The good thing is that they have valet parking.

For your meal, you can never go wrong with ordering their peking duck. For out peking duck, they cooked it in two ways. One way was they roasted the duck and they wrapped it togethernwith lettuce and added spring onion. The sauce that they placed was hoisin sauce. After getting most of the meat, they deep fried it. This was the second ‘way’. I loved this. I think that I mostly stuffed myself with this dish.

Another favorite was the pot of tofu and seafood. The tofu was cooked perfectly. The dish, even if it was made of mostly seafood, was quite a hit in our family.

The other dishes that we ordered are the salad with the fruits and the shrimps, the chicken with onions (which was very tender and cooked well), and others that I didn’t get to take a picture off since my family beat me to it!

If you want to check out the menu of this well known Chinese restaurant, check out their website: Hai Shin Lou Seafood King Website. Visit their Facebook page as well: Hai Shin Lou

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