When it comes to exercising, I have always been guilty of ningas cogon – I like it at the start but it soon becomes just tedious & boring. First of all, I don’t really enjoy organized sports so basketball isn’t really an option. I have tried everything including yoga (both the hot and room temperature versions), “guiltying” myself with gym payments, and, of course, running but they didn’t really take.

Which is why I’m excited about Coach Jim Saret’s FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp. First of all, we get to exercise outside, in the open, which gets rid of the tedium of treadmills. Second, we’re grouped by fitness level so I don’t really have to be embarrassed that my beer gut is sticking out. Third, the workouts change so I don’t get bored with doing he same routine day in and day out. All in all, I see this as a great way to kickstart my way into a healthy, active life.

Poster for Coach Jim Saret's FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp

If you’re interested, check out Coach Jim Saret’s blog. They’ve tied up with Nestle Wellness so you can join for just Php 900.

See you there!

*Note: The Coach Jim Saret’s FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp Manila was moved to June 25 to July 27.

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