Something as joyful as Easter should be celebrated in a place where the family could bond over a great meal. This is what Mr. Miyagi, the recently opened Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill Restaurant in Timog, understands. This brightly lit restaurant is open to anyone who wants to have great food at an affordable price.

Mr. Miyagi Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill

Mr. Miyagi Eat-All-You-Can Smokeless Grill

Cute Mr. Miyagi Character

Cute Mr. Miyagi Character!

There is a mixture of cooked and uncooked food. The cooked food choices were readily available for those who are not so keen on grilling their own food. The favorite was the tempura. They also had ready-to-eat sushi.

For the more adventurous foodie, there were amazing choices for your to cook and enjoy. The servers were very attentive. They helped out each step of the way, offering guidance while you experiment on cooking these dishes.

My favorite was dessert. I loved their brownies. The brownies were soft and chewy. I couldn’t stop from going back to the buffet table.
Mr. Miyagi Brownies

An eat-all-you-can meal at Mr. Miyagi from Mondays to Fridays is at Php 499 for Lunch and Php 599 for dinner. For weekends and holidays (both for lunch and dinner), the meal costs Pp 649. Children between 3 1/2 feet and 4 1/2 feet only pays Php 380. Leftover charge is at Php 100.

Upon arriving, what we noticed is that there are a limited number of parking spaces infront of the restaurant. This is the only downside to our experience.

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