While I was surfing the net this long weekend, I came across a friend, Mia Casal, who was sharing a post on Clay Ave. It got me interested as I was looking for decorative things that I could have in our condo. I wanted these items to not just be beautiful but also significant to me & my husband. And nothing is more personal than a decorative vase we made ourselves.

Mia describes herself and her background thus:
I am a Manila-based potter who has joined some pottery exhibitions in the Philippines and in New York City. I learned the process of making pottery from the masters of the craft in The Philippines. In NYC, where I stayed for two years (2006-2008), I attended lectures and workshops in the finest pottery studios such as The Greenwich House of Pottery, La Mano, The Brickhouse Ceramic Art Center, and The Mudpit. I spend most of my time creating my handmade pots in a Japanese-owned studio, Togei Kyoshitsu. Personally, the process of pottery-making is a time for prayer. Working on the wheel, is like communicating with God. As I transform pieces out of clay, I get transformed inside and out. – from http://clayave.weebly.com/mia-casal.html

She offers private lessons that be conducted in the privacy of your own home. of course, there are classes in her studio — you’ll have to check the schedules though and sign up ahead of time: http://clayave.weebly.com/summer-schedule.html

You can get the rates by emailing Clay Ave at clay.ave@gmail.com.

Oh, before I end, I know you’re going to be looking for this anyway, so let me spare you the effort:

Image from: http://katescritiques.wordpress.com

Whew. Ok, with that out of the way, I hope you do check out Clay Ave. Pottery is a creative and cathartic experience that you should really try at least once.

Clay Ave Pottery Studio
Email : clay.ave@gmail.com
Landline : +632.3482342
Mobile : +63.922.8347859
Address : 27 Riverview Drive, Blue Ridge B, Quezon City
Look for Mia.

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