I resolve to be more personal with my posts this year. I guess this is an off shoot of my absorption of the book, The Happiness Project (http://www.happiness-project.com/). i sometimes forget that blogging is a thing that makes me happy, and I should not be ‘mechanical’. With all the press releases and event invitations that I have been receiving, I sometimes get drowned by the process. I tend to for go the ‘sharings’ that I once used to do. My articles moving forward will contain snippets of our lives, relating it of course to the restaurant, the product, the event, etc. This is a lifestyle blog, so I don’t think I’m really going overboard on this conscious effort.

Anyway, it’s a Saturday and it’s 11 more days to go before Valentine’s day. I’m sure the guys are all panicking on what to get their wives and girlfriends. This year, I told Ej not to get me any bouquet of flowers. I want something practical. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy receiving flowers but sometimes, I also want something that lasts. So guys, know your wives and girlfriends very well, so that you get to choose the perfect gift.

For those with Kikay girlfriends or those who are fond of putting on make up, here are a few suggestions. You can enroll her in a make up class. I suggest these two make up courses for your loved one. The first one is this make up class for beginners. It’s called Bobbi’s Mastering the Basics.

I attended one class like this before (Bobbi Brown Make up Class), which was conducted by the Bobbi Brown team at the same venue (Studio SnR), and I loved it!

For those whose girlfriends and wives are really into make up (as in ‘Karir’ mode), you can buy them classes at Maquillage Professionel (http://maquillageprofessionnel.com.ph/schedules.html) under the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) brand.

If you think classes aren’t exactly what they want, you can buy them different make up tools and products. You can buy them make up brushes from either Beauty and Minerals or from Suesh.

You can buy her this set of Travel Brushes for Php 2,200 from Beauty and Minerals.

You can also buy this Hairdressing Tool set for Php 2,500 from Suesh.

If you have more questions on the topic, feel free to post a comment and I’ll be glad to give suggestions :) I can maybe even go shopping with you (if time permits! hehe!)

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