When travelling to another country, some people check out museums and recreational parks, especially when travelling with kids. It’s good that Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. thought of creating an impressive museum that would showcase different hands-on activities delving on science.

I was fortunate enough to step inside the Mind Museum during its soft launch. Although not all the five galleries are complete yet, it was a great experience seeing some of the things in display already. We have been excited to see all of the wonders inside this science museum, since the time that I learned about it and bought a star for me and my husband, EJ.

Upon stepping inside the museum’s building with this captivating modern design, a little robot named Aedi (idea spelled backwards) will welcome you into the museum. I loved it that the first thing that you will notice is that they have a section of Filipino inventions . Seeing these fantastic inventions by Filipinos make me so proud!

What I like about the Mind Museum is that each exhibit is not only something that you will look at but more of ‘experience’. They want you to get into the action. For example, Ej and I played this trivia game, where Ej almost got a perfect score (Why am I not suprised?). Another exhibit which I loved was the tunnel. People had to go through a little metal bridge with surroundings circling the bridge. As you enter, the bridge and things around you become distorted. Cool huh?

There are a lot of things to be excited about. I’m sure your kids will love going through the exhibits and trying them out. The Mind Museum will be open to the public this March.

The Mind Museum
Website: http://www.themindmuseum.org/
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