One of my regrets is that I did not start putting up my own business early on in life. There was too much drama in my life when I was younger, and if I had just stayed focus on being happy and reaching for my goal of helping others, I would have had already built a stable business and I would have been already helping young entrepreneurs. I know though that it’s not too late. In the recent bazaar of Friday Fashion Fever, I met this young lady named Chesca Lim. She is the owner of ESME Organics.

Esme is pronounced es-MAY. It is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Esme is “to love”. Esme Organics presented product that everyone would love. I got to see and smell the scent of each type of scrub and cream that they had.

The scent of scrubs that they had were:
1. Peppermint Truffle Scrub
2. Bergamot Ginger Ginseng Scrub
3. Frosty Green Tea Scrub
4. Almond Rice Scrub
5. Peppermint Coffee Scrub
*Picture starts from the left clockwise

The scent of creams that they had were:
1. White Almond
2. Apple Cinnammon Pie
3. Lemonade
4. Cinnamon Kiss Lip Scrub (This is a scrub)
5. Hydrating Mint
6. Ginger Soft Cream

I bought the Bergamot Ginger Ginseng Scrub and it’s wonderful. I love the scent — makes me feel more energized. What’s good is that these are 100% Organic.

Each container is at Php 150.

For orders and inquiries, do visit their website: ESME ORGANICS

Please like their facebook fanpage:

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  1. darcydfcv


    We offer top brand scrubs at
    below-discount prices and have a knack for catering to the speed of your


  2. Joseph

    i ordered the esme and i tried it and its wonderful on my skin. feels so refreshing. and its true its 100% organic. gonna order more before it runs out of stock.


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