After Chay, my friend from work, gave me this cute Watchover Voodoo Doll (Judo Kid), I wanted to check out the other designs and buy my husband and my sister, Kinney of dolls, too.

My Voodoo Doll is Judo Kid. This doll is to help you say no to timewasters and unwelcome demands on your time. This is perfect for people who need to accomplish a lot of tasks in their “priority” list, and yet need to attend to nagging tasks that are so petty and menial.

I bought Ej The Seeker Voodoo doll.

The Seeker, who looks like the Voodoo doll version of Sherlock Holmes, is used to help you watchover your search for a better future.

And for my sister, I bought her the the Little Cupid. This Watchover Voodoo Doll is to help watchover her search for true love and to bring her happiness.

These dolls are just for fun and for inspiration. They are so cute! Run to the nearest Fully Booked outlet and check out the other designs. Which one suits you?

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  1. Candie

    Hi, I came across your site by googling inspirational Vodo dolls and in one of the first pics I came across, I saw what I was searching for.
    I actually bought one for my husband and self today at the airport. If you are aware of a web site that is selling these please let me know. I too would like to purchase more for my family….. Beginning with my daughter, her husband. These are just so darn cute!


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