We attended the Chinese New Year 2012 Celebration at the Manila Hotel and to date, this has been the most enjoyable Kung Hei Fat Choi celebration I have attended. Their special guest was Maritess Allen, who has been known to be one of the Feng Shui experts here in the Philippines. To tell you honestly, we are not a Chinese family, but we have followed Maritess Allen’s advice from way back.

Dragon Dance at the Manila Hotel

Program for Chinese New Year

For this year, Maritess Allen has given some information and tips to make this year an auspicious one. She says that this year will be a transformational year. Every dragon year is actually a transformational year — a turning point in your career and/or personal life.

Special Guests with Boy Abunda at Manila Hotel

Maritess Allen (Feng Shui Expert) and Boy Abunda

Maritess Allen giving tips on Feng Shui

2012 is the year of the water dragon. This is an auspicious year, but as per the Paht Chee for the year 2012, there will be three pillars clashing and one will be productive. the Yang Water and Tang Earth clash in the Year Pillar (earth related disasters). With this all the earth and water signs should wear an amulet.

Wishes for 2012 written down on Balloons!

Balloons that the Crowd Released

Elderly leaders in high positions are in great danger as the Broken Soldier Red 7 is in the Northwest. For businesses, a thing to note is that water produce wood which means that this brings growth luck that leads to real economic turnaround. For businesses, also, wealth luck is good and the successful industries this year will be agriculture, textile, paper, fashion and real estate.

Crowd enjoying the Auspicious Meal

The Auspicious Meal: My Mom had to mix all of these while Chanting

There will be a lot of infidelities in 2012 as the External Flower Romance Star is evident in this Dragon year. The presence of the three Celestial Guardians: dragon, Tiger and Rooster (Phoenix) bring strength & improvements. Everyone needs wear or have an image of the Tortoise to complete the Four Celestial Guardians.

Maritess Allen Answering Questions

Manila Review's Mom asking Questions

Me Asking Questions :)

Fire is also sorely missing in this year’s chart. So, having items that represent fire will enhance your luck. Having
bright lights in the center of your home also works the same way. Missing fire means lack of intelligence and creativity.

There will be changes in leadership that will lead to new Alliances and new Policies. This will be a transformational year for Politics and economy. The presence of the Aggressive sword star indicates the emergence of powerful rebel leaders of highly influential oppositions to leaders. There will also be the presence of the highly powerful mentors star.

Some other tips for this year:

1. Wear something new today. (i’m so sorry if this post came in late :) I just knew about this last night)
2. Wear something red throughout the year. Other colors that you can use are orange, red violet, and pink. Secondary colors are brown and green.
3. Having dragon, phoenix, tortoise, and tiger items in your home enhance your luck.
4. Throw away all cracked or damaged items – these attract bad luck.
5. Celebrate all happy occassions – birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, etc. You will attract more of these and will allow you to imbibe good vibes. Always attend if you’re invited.

There are other tips she shared for each one’s sign. Let me know if you have questions and I’ll see if I can remember what she said, or you can leave a comment in under this post and I’ll try my best to contact her so that she can answer your questions.

If you want to know more about Feng Shui from Maritess Allen, you can visit the World of Fen Shui or visit her website: http://www.maritesallen.com/

Kund Hei Fat Choi everyone ~ From the Manila Reviews Team!

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