I don’t know but no matter how ubiquitous milk tea places are, I still am craving for a glass of pearl milk tea. One rainy Sunday afternoon, my friends and I had a meeting, so we decided to have a light snack in Katipunan. There is this new building in Katipunan called Regis center. It is right across Ateneo. We had our meeting in one of the stores on the second floor. The place was called Saint’s Alp. It was another one of those shops that sell various kind of tea, from freshly prepared tea to specialty milk tea. Saint’s Alp is a brand from Hong Kong. It was founded in 1994 and was the first leisure teahouse to introduce Taiwanese bubble tea in Hong Kong. Saint’s Alp’s first branch in the Philippines is this store. They also opened one at the Fort just last weekend.

I loved the ambiance of the place. It was very relaxing. I love working in this kind of environment. Upon reaching the counter, I knew what I wanted to order. Guess what I ordered. I’m sure for regular readers, you would have guessed it right. I ordered the Black Tea with milk. I like my ‘milk tea’ in its purest form (although if you add milk and sugar, I guess it can’t be regarded as ‘pure’ anymore). The large sized drink was at Php 105. When it was served, i quickly sipped into the drink. For me, my initial reaction was it was ‘okay’… just okay. Comparing the drink to the others that I have tried, I think this lacked a little bit of flavor.

My friend ordered the Taro Milk Tea, which was I guess was her favorite, since it seemed she knew what she wanted as well. My friend liked it. I guess it was better than my plain and simple order. My hubby ordered the Almond Milk tea. There was a hint of the taste of almond in the drink, but then again, it was nothing spectacular.

For our food, we ordered the Matcha Toast (Php 90) and the Peanut Butter Toast (Php 75). It was actually pretty good. The bread was chewy, which I like, and the Matcha or Green Tea spread was quite unique and memorable. I would go back for this if it were not too expensive. The price that they charged for a single slice of toasted bread with spread on top was quite expensive. I think they should lower the price to around 45-50 pesos.

If you’re in the area, the place is quite cozy. It has a conducive ambiance for reading notes or books while sipping tea.

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Contact Details:
Saint’s Alp
2/F Regis Center 327 Katipunan Avenue, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines
Fort Store, Rizal Drive
Email: team@saintsalp.ph
Phone Number: +632-9902194

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