If you don’t believe in earning millions of pesos from anything that you do online or via the internet, you should talk to Jojy Azurin. I met Jojy last year and he is one of my ‘idols’ when it comes to earning money from internet activities. He is the owner of BusinessSummaries.com.

He is running this 10 week Online Business Workshop at AIM. It’s called Membership Site Live. Class 1 was held at AIM earlier this year was a success. They are now opening up slots for class 2.

Discover the secrets of earning five dollar figures a month without leaving the Philippines. A lot of people believe that this can only be achieved by migrating, but the truth is, you can earn it while living in this country. This is exactly what Jojy Azurin did. This is the amount he made with his online businesses while he was in the Philippines.

This 10 Week online business workshop will be about creating membership sites as a long term business. He knows a lot of you have experienced getting thousand dollar earnings (and for most, several hundred) from Adsense on the first few months, and only to see the earnings go down each month. Sometimes, you never get to bring up the earnings anymore.

And for those doing affiliate marketing, only 1% really get to make consistent monthly income. Why? Because there are so many of you promoting the same products and Google does not give you the high rankings you need for a lot of your keywords.

Participants will be able to have their own fully functioning membership sites at the end of the workshop. Technical skills are NOT required. They can create the website for you. This is a Philippine-based business model that is geared for online Filipino entrepreneurs.

What he is going to share is an intensive 10 week workshop. Please check the seminar details for more info: SEMINAR DETAILS

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