Most of the time, we see people isolating themselves in their own bubbles by using headphones. They miss out on a lot of spontaneous experiences and chance encounters just because they choose to stay in their own audio worlds. So it’s a relief that portable speakers are becoming more popular. It’s a nice way of sharing music and experiences with friends.

Scattered among the monochromatic array of these portable ipod/mp3 speakers, the Doma MiNi SPEAKi speakers clearly stand out.

The PROs
– It’s cute. The vibrant colors and the shape itself can inject a touch of whimsy into any workspace.
– It’s inexpensive. It retails for P590.
– The speaker itself comes with a little carabiner/hook that you can hang on to your bag or mobile device.
– You can use any 3.5mm baby stereo to baby stereo cable to connect the device to any audio out, so you’re not stuck with using an expensive proprietary cable.

The CONs
– The bass sounds are not as strong (*boom*boom*) as other mini portable speakers.
– There is no external volume control so you’re limited to controlling the volume from the device (sometimes it’s a bit weak).
– Although the speaker itself can be hung on to the phone/mobile device easily, you will still need to carry the cords (I hope they integrated the cords into the MiNi SPEAKi’s body so you don’t have to carry it separately.)

At P590, the DOMA MiNi SPEAKi is a viable affordable alternative to the more high end speakers available in the market.

Product Specs:
P590.00 each (additional minimum P60 for delivery charges)
Rechargeable Lithium Battery (3.6V)
Net Weight: 80g
Product Dimension: 75x60x50mm
Speaker Output: 2W
Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohms +- 15%
Sensitivity: 82 +- 3db
Distortion: 0.5%

If you’re interested in ordering, you can text the distributor through 0917-8012909 / 0922-8851453 or email them thru (note: there’s a P60 delivery charge)

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5 Responses

  1. angry buyer

    The advertised “up to 6 hours playing time”….is a lie!! a big fat lie!! This thing cannot go past 2 hours on a full charge!! I am so pissed!!

  2. Allan

    my DOMA speaker MS-230 is not working anymore. i wasn’t even last week when i bought it. how will it be ok?

  3. Sam

    Hi Ginj!! Thanks a lot for the review!! :D  Hope you liked the orange DOMA speaker!  

    For more information and pics:


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