5:30pm. Every time the clock turns to this time, all of us grab our bags and dash off to the nearest place where we can unwind and relax after a long day’s work. Our office is in the Ortigas area, so we normally have our “one-round” of drinks in places nearby. We recently visited this place called Citizen Pub in City Golf. We went there for lunch, but the place is actually filled with more action in the evenings.

Since we were there for lunch, we ordered food and not drinks. We ordered the Chicken and Chorizo Carbonara (Php 195) and the Penne Shrimp and Pesto (Php 230).

The Chicken and Chorizo Carbonara was good. The pasta was firm, and the sauce that they placed was of just the right saltiness. The amount of sauce that they put was also substantial enough.

The Penne was nothing spectacular, but it was okay. I love penne and I always order this type of pasta, so I guess I had a higher standard set for this dish.

We also got to try the Crazy Burger (Php 185), which the waiter recommended. It was actually good. It had a fried all beef patty. It was topped with wasabi mayo and crab meat. It was a unique burger with quite a weird combination of meat and crab meat, but it actually worked. The bread that was used was delicious, too.

Service was excellent! The head waiter was quite a comedian. He was talking to all of us and even gave us a brief history of his career.

The Citizen Pub is a resto-bar in City Golf that you can visit when you want to have a few drinks and simple, well-cooked meals.

Contact Details:
Citizen Pub and Burger Bar
Citi Golf Plaza Pasig City, Metro Manila 1600
Citizen Pub and Burger Bar Facebook page

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