On the way home from McKinley hill, my parents, my sister (ManilaShopaholic.com girl) and I were discussing about blogs and the use of social media. My mom was saying that sometimes, people now tend to use “blogging” as a threat for stores and restaurants. People use comments like “if you don’t change my meal, I will blog about you” or “If you don’t better your service, I’ll blog about you”.

It was so funny that when I got home, I saw this infomercial of GMA 7, which was shared by Aileen Apollo. It reminded people of “thinking before clicking” (I just wanted to share that in our office, we have a think before you print policy… this reminded me of that. Sorry, useless info!).

Anyway, going back to my point, I think people should be educated on how social media works. It’s just another avenue where people can express their thoughts and opinions. People who read should be discerning of what to believe and what to take as gospel truth and what to ditch. If these are the thoughts of a person, then take it as it is… thoughts of a person based on experiences that happened to them.

When coming up with business plans or marketing plans, it is very important to scout for information from different sources, so when coming up with a conclusion about a certain idea using the internet, you have to scout and read different sites before making any judgments.

Everything on earth can be a source of both negative and positive feedback. Articles and reviews that you read in blogs and other social media platforms oftentimes are based on personal experiences. Readers should be discerning.

Those are just my thoughts. Thank you GMA for this friendly reminder!

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  1. The Average Jane

    I find it really weird when I hear people threatening business owners that they “blog” about them, etc.  I mean, isnt the main you blog to share your ideas and thoughts to the outside world without expecting anything in return?  Just the goal of creative expression?  =)

    • Anonymous

      i completely agree. some people just have an inflated sense of self.


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