We recently watched the documentary, The Cove. It was about the efforts of a few conservationists to document, and hopefully, stop the senseless slaughter of 20,000+ dolphins in Taiji, Japan annually.

I say senseless because of the thousands of dolphins that they successfully catch every year, only a few are bought by ocean parks. The rest are slaughtered and sold as food. However, dolphin meat is very high in mercury — having it in your diet will mean you will get mercury poisoning. A lot of people are aware of this so they sell the meat as whale meat instead. Clearly, if there is no market for the meat, then why kill all those dolphins?

The slaughter just doesn’t make sense.

There are many reports of people whose lives were saved by these creatures (e.g. Dolphins save surfer from becoming shark’s bait (NBC)). In New Zealand, there was even a dolphin who saved a couple of stranded whales (link to BBC article)!

Also, dolphins are self aware — they know that they are looking at themselves when they are looking into a mirror. They can distinguish whether another dolphin is them or another dolphin. This means that they know when their young or their mother is being murdered.

Let us stop the senseless murder of dolphins.

How can you help? According to their official website:
1. Like their Facebook page so you’re updated.
2. Join The Cove’s Facebook Cause. Sign the petition here.
3. Never go to any dolphin shows again. Learn more about this in dolphins in captivity. Take the pledge here.
4. Tell zoos and aquariums to stop aiding the dolphin killing.
5. Donate to the film makers.
6. Join the front line – donate to get copies translated in Japanese so it gets sent to the Japanese people.

Here’s the trailer.

I rarely feel this strong about something like this. Let’s stop the senseless slaughter of dolphins!

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