Nothing beats Manila when it comes to East meets West. When you listen to the radios you feel like you’re in the states, but when you start talking to people, their smiles and their demeanor are just so Asian.

This fact is plainly obvious in Manila’s geek subculture. Walking around you’ll see players engaged in their Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh card games, collectors buying up the latest graphic novels along with some manga, little miniatures of the Predator right beside sexy figurines of Rei Ayanami.

Being a geek myself, I appreciate this subculture and love the fact that in Manila being a geek also means being cool. So it is with great anticipation that I present the Metro Comic Con 2011:

WHEN: May 7-8, 10am – 9pm
WHERE: Megamall Megatrade Hall 2 (Bldg B)

They also have a Cosplay Competition!

Last but not least, David Lloyd of V for Vendetta fame will be there! (Too bad they used the movie version of V, his dagger weren’t blades – they were more like blunt sais. Like Raphael of TMNT but blunt. Told you I was a geek.)

(note that David Lloyd will also make other appearances outside of the Metro Comic Con schedule.)

See you all there!

Edit: They also have a website: Metro Comic Con

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