I always look at my wedding picture. I looked so pretty and felt so pretty! With the wonders of Barbie Chan, my make-up artist, I was transformed to a gorgeous swan. I’m not bragging or anything. In fact, I am at awe because I’m having a hard time achieving that same look. It may really be true that all brides are beautiful, and probably after that day, most of these ladies become like me, wishing and longing that one day, they’ll achieve this same look. I noticed that one of the differences that happened to me was that my eyes became bigger.

The Lash Bar - My Before Shot

The Lash Bar - My Before Shot

Normally, in pictures, I would appear more chinita, but during my wedding, my eyes were bigger. Barbie said that the false lashes that she placed helped a lot. From then on, I was dying to get eyelash extensions.

Recently, there was a deal from Ensogo for The Lash Bar. The deal was for an Elite service worth Php 1000. Ensogo was offering it for just Php 500. I quickly booked the deal and the next thing I knew, I was texting them to book a schedule.

The Lash Bar00020

The Lash Bar at Il Terrazzo

The Lash Bar00018

I booked for the Sunday after, and when I got there, there were just three comfortable chairs inside the salon. The lady directed me to the middle chair. My husband took the pictures since I was directed to close my eyes for the entire 2 hours.
The Lash Bar00021
The Lash Bar00005
The Lash Bar00006
The Lash Bar00009
The Lash Bar00016
What the lady did was stick a longer, curled hair to my normal lashes. She did it one by one! Super impressive! We started at 4:00 pm and ended at 6:00 pm. The seat was comfortable, but towards the end, since it was made out of leather, it was becoming warm. The aircon was okay, but since it was hot outside, it really did not become that cold.

The Lash Bar - My After Look

The Lash Bar - My 'After' Look

When I got to open my eyes, my eyes were a little teary eyed and a little red, but the lashes were nice! My husband said that I looked like a doll. It made my eyes look bigger. It was a bit uncomfortable, but it was worth it. I think I will get used to having this.

People in the office noticed it and they said that it was nice. It made my eyes pop out. Maintenance is pretty easy. All you have to do is remember these four things:
a. Do not wet your lashes for the first 12 hours
b. Do not rub or pull the extensions
c. Do not curl or put mascara
d. Retouch is recommended every 3-4 weeks to maintain the lashes at its best

If you want to try it out, you can go to the Lash bar. Here are the services that they offer.


Menu of Services of The Lash Bar

LG 11 Il Terrazzo Bldg., located along Tomas Morato corner
Scout Mafrinan, Brgy., South Triangle, Quezon City
Call or text 09062409681 for appointments
Site: http://thelashbar.multiply.com

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    You’re still pretty with or without the lash extensions. :D Heard you won at the Pond’s contest. Congrats! (I voted for all of you, hahaha!)


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