Whether it’s for finding an interesting hotel or looking for the best rates for that laser hair removal, you can always check the multitude of groupon-like websites that have lately popped up in Manila. What I find to be the most appealing for me, however, are vacation deals.

You see my wife and I are both very busy people. Our day jobs keep us occupied for more than 8 hours every day, we have blogs to maintain, and, of course, some social/family obligations that we can’t miss. Needless to say, we can barely find any time to plan out vacations. Oh yeah, we talk about going to this beach or that mountain but we rarely find the time to really plan these things out. Most of the time, we tag along vacations that are planned by friends or family (e.g. sudden Cebu Pacific Piso deals that our friends buy or maybe a trip to our province). We both realize, however, that R&R is important and having some just-us-time is essential so we had to look for a way to force ourselves to go on these vacations.

Here is where groupon deals come in: We use coupons and deals to FORCE ourselves to go on vacation! In fact, we’ve bought a couple of deals for The Farm and for Bellarocca that we can space out within the year for that much needed R&R. Since the vacation is basically paid for, we HAVE to plan – sayang eh!

Maybe you can do the same thing. If there’s anything you’ve been putting off — tooth whitening, going out on a date to that fancy new restaurant, getting a belly ring, getting an eyelash extension, etc) – consider going to groupon deal sites. Not only do you save some money off something you’re planning to do anyway, you’re actually forcing yourself to do it! Now if one of them just offered some paris hotel deals

Here’s a quick rundown of Groupon sites in the Philippines:
All Deals Asia (Philippines) – compilation of active groupon deals (not exhaustive though)
Cash Cash Pinoy
Clever Buy
Crazy Deals
Daily Deals Asia (Manila)
Deal Dozen
Deal Grocer – has some great deals on higher ticket items (I love their clean simple interface.)
Ebay Kuponan
Groupon Philippines (Beeconomic) – run by the original Groupon
Local Roam
Salamat.ph (thanks to nina)

Did I miss any? Leave a comment please! :)

*photo by Mark Hillary (Flickr)

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