Our next interviewee for the RISQ Fashion Show this March 4 at the World Trade Center is Erica Panlilio. Erica is a student from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, Ortigas. She used to work for Magkaribal (an ABSCBN telenovela) as a fashion illustrator. She drew all the dresses that they wore for the show.

RISQ Designer Finalist : Erica Panlilio

RISQ Designer Finalist : Erica Panlilio

Erica Panlilio Representing FIP

Erica Panlilio Representing FIP Ortigas

For the RISQ, her title for her collection is entitled Chimerical, which means wildly fanciful imagination. When she showed us her mood board, it was composed of pictures of the works of art of Valentina Ramos (Line Art). She also showed us pictures of shadows that showed a lot of details. She said that she will use the colors Burnt coral, Klein Blue, Lotus, Endive, and Sky for her collection. It was the first time I actually heard of these colors.

Erica showing her mood board

Erica showing her mood board

Erica mentioned that her work will incorporate a lot of details. She said that she will be incorporate crocheted work into her designs. The crocheted work will be her own making, all done with her own hands.
RISQ Designer: Erica Panlilio
In the future, Erica wants to be known as the designer that can incorporate other works of art into her design, from works that are crocheted to designs that incorporate paintings, and other works of art.

To, Erica Panlilio, continue to gather experiences and enhance this gift. We wish you all the best for the RISQ Fashion Show!

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  1. ArnelV

    Im so proud of how Erica Panlilio have grown very much in this field…i think she deserves to be called the most favorite RISQ designer, she's such a very talented girl!


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