A prevalent trend nowadays is the fusion of different regional styles. Mr. Kurosawa is one of those restaurants. Owned by actor Marvin Agustin, patterned after his successful Sumo Sam restaurant.

Mr Kurosawa Eastwood

Mr Kurosawa Eastwood

Mr Kurosawa 3

Mr Kurosawa 2

Mr. Kurosawa introduces an East meets west concept for this Japanese restaurant. Upon entering the place, you would feel the how modern everything is with the design they used. The attire and the look of the servers also look very minimal and sleek.

Mr Kurosawa Zebra - inspired Menu

We were then handed their Zebra print menu. The words “Euro-Japanese” in smaller font are seen below the restaurant’s name. I know that the restaurant is supposed to be a fusion of the Eastern and the Western worlds, but the ambiance, I think does not do the concept justice.

I liked the food, as I do enjoy the food in Sumo Sam.

Mr Kurosawa 14

Mr Kurosawa California Maki

Mr Kurosawa Philadelphia Roll

Mr Kurosawa Philadelphia Roll

During our visit, we ordered the California Maki (Php 218) and the Philadelphia Roll (Php 248). I liked that the rice was cooked well. For the California Maki, they did not scrimp on the crabsticks that were placed as toppings for the maki. For the Philadelphia Rolls, as you bite into these well formed rolls, you will enjoy the cream cheese filling.

Mr Kurosawa00012

Mr Kurosawa Salad

I also enjoyed the Seafood Conspiracy (Php 299). It’s salad with a lot of seafood in it from crabsticks to shrimp to squid. The seafood was fresh and the dish was refreshing.

Mr Kurosawa Bacon Wrapped Dory

Mr Kurosawa Bacon Wrapped Dory

Another favorite was the Bacon Wrapped Dory (Php 258). This mixture of fish and meat is quite amazing. The saltiness of the bacon compliments and give life to the subtle taste of the dory.

Mr Kurosawa Chicken Teppan

Mr Kurosawa Chicken Teppan

The other dishes that we tried and liked are: Chicken Teppan (Php 228) and Bacon / Beef Enoki (Php 258).

One thing we’d love to see, though, is for service to be greatly improved. I do not know how training is done, but the staff needs to be a little more attentive and generally more pleasant. It’s a common observation for both Sumo Sam and Mr. Kurosawa. I’d like to feel some genuine concern from the servers, rather than just concerned with looking cool in their colored hairstyles. Honestly, if not for the food, I wouldn’t even consider coming back.

Contact Details:
Mr. Kurosawa
G/F Eastwood Mall Veranda, Eastwood City, Libis Quezon City
Phone Number: (+632)901-0825

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3 Responses

  1. mary ann sy

    very bad service. Food is definitely overpriced. Was expecting it to be better than kimono ken but i was very disappointed.

    • EJ Arboleda

      Hi Mary Ann, we share the same sentiment, especially with regards to service. They really need to improve when it comes to delighting their customers. From what you said, sounds like that hasn’t improved since we posted our review.


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