If you happen to pass by Eastwood (particularly the Eastwood City Walk) this weekend, you will see a lot of people lining up and waiting patiently to be called. There are a lot of little tables and tents scattered around the area, where you can see two people discussing something. It’s actually the Psychic Festival 2011 of Eastwood. Every year, this has become a hit and a lot of people try to solve issues in their lives by asking for direction and guidance.
Psychic Festival Logo
Psychic Festival at the Eastwood City Walk
The services being offered in this Psychic Festival are the popular methods like palm reading, tarot card reading, aura reading. mole analysis, dream analysis, and others. What I tried was the Akashic Soul Readings. This is the first time I have heard about this, so I wanted to see how it was done.
Psychic Festival Services
Psychic Festival Consultation

Akashic Soul Readings are consultations that bring messages of counsel from your Akashic Records or what they call your Book of Life. You will have to ask three to four very specific questions. These questions should not be answered by a “yes” or a “no” (as much as possible).

My Akashic Reading Consulation with Mare

My Akashic Reading Consulation with Mare!

My Akashic Consultant was Mare. Upon sitting down across the table, she gave me an overview of what Akashic Reading was, mentioning the Book of Life or the Akashic Records. Next, she said a prayer before saying “your akashic records are now open”.

After this, you may now ask your questions. After asking a question, your Akshic consultant will start to look up behind you. Then, the Akashic Consultant will tell you what he/she sees or tell you the message he/she has been given. In my case for my questions, images of scales and sun and moon and even the phrase “the Truth shall set you free” was been given (of course, I can’t tell you my questions.. lol).

Akashic Soul Coaching is used for guidance with:
– transitions and life challenges
– relationship counselling
– career and financial guidance
– healing, trauma grief and loss
– Anxiety, depression and stress
– Self – actualization
– Soul Purpose, Life Mission
– Knowing the Root cause

Akashic sould readings are not used to tell you of the future, but rather, it will help you shape your decisions by nudging you into harmony with your soul purpose.

Psychic Festival 2011

Psychic Festival 2011

The Psychic Festival 2011 at Eastwood City Walk will only be up to January 31, 2011. Each session costs Php 400.

For those interested in Akashic Soul Reading, Mare’s (my Akashic consultant) number is 09176288131 or 09224898139. You can also check out: www.lilyandbeyond.org by Kim Lopa (Akashic Consultant-Instructor)

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