If you have no time to go out of the country, then just drive south to Laguna. There are a lot of resorts there where you could stay and enjoy a relaxing day. I always think that these places in the South are the perfect places to go to to escape the hustle and bustle in the city. While you’re there, don’t forget to buy some pasalubong for your friends and family (and Manila Reviews!).

El Mare Buko Pie

El Mare Buko Pie

My mom had me try this Buko Pie from El Mare. It was from an aunt’s trip to Laguna. It looked like little pies that you could fit on top of the palm of your hand. It had a sugary coarse top layer. When you bite into it, it had delicious buko that popped out. The nice thing about it is that they did not scrimp on buko fillings. The crust was also just the right thickness to hold the filling, but at the same time, not drown the taste of the entire pie.

El Mare Products

El Mare Products

The inner filling was also not too sweet. It’s the perfect pasalubong to buy if you’re coming from Laguna — a product that distinguishes itself from the all the “original” buko pies on offer.

Note that El Mare also serves other products, not just buko pie. They serve Tropical Pie, Macapuno Pie, Ube Macapuno Pie, Pineaple Pie, Ube Pie, Buko Bibingka, Ube Bibingka, Macapuno Bibingka, Cassava Cake, Crema De Maiz, Mango Pie, Banana Cake and Chicken Empanada.

Contact Details:
El Mare
Barangay San Rafael, San Pablo City

Checkpoint Paciano, Calamba, Laguna

Bo. Halang, Calamba, Laguna

Bo. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Telephone Number: (049) 5450217

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