Hey, fashionistas! Another great and exciting news this Christmas Season from The Flower Collection, Manila Reviews and Manila Shopaholic. Win GC’s from the Flower Collection!

The Flower Collection

The Flower Collection

1. This online promo will be open to all residents in the Philippines that want to win a GC’s from The Flower Collection.

2. Promo period will be from November 29 to January 15, 2011. (extended!)

3. Prizes will be as follows:

From the electronic draw: 10 winners of Php 500 GCs for The Flower Collection from ManilaReviews.com and 10 winners of Php 500 GCs from ManilaShopaholic.com.

For the best article: Php 2000 worth of GCs for the best article for the Manila Reviews winner and Php 2000 worth of GCs for the best article for Manila Shopaholic winner

4. To qualify to join the contest, the participant has to do the following:

a. LIKE The Flower Collection Facebook Fanpage and Manila Reviews Facebook Fanpage or/and Manila Shopaholic Facebook Fanpage.

b. Check out The Flower Collection Website and join the mailing list: TheFlowerCollection.com.ph

c. Change your facebook status to the following:
“Be Stylish this Christmas Season” and tag The Flower Collection Facebook Fanpage and 5 other people. Be sure that the status is pegged for “everyone” to see (click on the little lock icon to do this)

4. Contest Proper:

a. Check out the products of The Flower Collection in their website: TheFlowerCollection.com.ph

b. Mix and Match the products in the website, and tell us what you want to wear for the Holidays by writing about it in your blog/website or the Notes section of your Facebook page (be sure to share or tag The Flower Collection, Manila Reviews/Manila Shopaholic if it’s an article in your Facebook notes section)

c. You can join one or both blog sites, but be sure that the entry or article submitted is different for each of the blogs. If we verify that the entries or URL of the articles submitted are the same, we will count it as one entry only.

d. After doing the required steps (a-c) and the contest proper, the contestant should fill out and submit this form completely (http://manilareviews.com/flower-collection-promo-validation-form/). The form will serve as the final step to complete your entry and will contain required fields (i.e. name, user name in facebook, address, mobile number, email, joining Manila Reviews or Manila Shopaholic, url to your article). The information submitted will be solely owned by TheFlowerCollection and will not be sold or distributed to any third party.

5. We will hold the electronic raffle and announce the winners on January 18, 2011. We will use random.org for the electronic raffle. The judging will be on January 18, 2011 by a The Flower Collection representative. We will announce the winner on January 20, 2011.

6. For Metro Manila and provincial areas, we will deliver your prizes to your registered address. Please be sure that the name in the valid ID that you present is the same with the name that you placed in the validation form.

7. Winners will be announced in The Flower Collection Website and in the Manila Reviews and Manila Shopaholic.

Good luck to all of the contestants! This will be a great opportunity to be stylish this Christmas Season!

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