One of the good resorts to go to is the El Dorado Beach Resort located at Dauin in Negros Oriental. It’s around a 45 minute drive from Dumaguete City. Straight from the airport, we were brought to this place by our cousins to visit and have brunch. The road to the place was pretty decent, then you’ll have to enter a narrow road when you see the sign “To El Dorado Beach”.

El Dorado Entrance

El Dorado Entrance

We parked on one of the seven to eight parking slots. Before entering, there was a wishing well and a box where you could drop your wishes. The entrance was a beautifully landscaped garden with a path towards the other facilities. The check in counter was to our left and further down the path were rooms lined up for visitors to occupy.
El Dorado Pathway

El Dorado Pathway

El Dorado Landscape

El Dorado Landscape

El Dorado art 1

They have different types of rooms: Standard Rooms, Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Premium rooms, Family rooms, Dormitory Type rooms and Studio Apartment rooms. Here are the rates for their rooms: ROOM RATES. For those who just want to enter and eat or lie around in the beach area, there is a minimal fee that is consumable.

El Dorado rooms

El Dorado rooms

The place was very relaxing. The beach had fine sand (although not white sand). We noticed that most of the guests were foreigners. A lot of them were basking in the sun.
El Dorado Beach Area 1
El Dorado Beach Area 2
El Dorado Beach Area 3
El Dorado Waters
El Dorado Beach front

We sat at one of the tables in the beach bar restaurant. The prices of the choices in the menu were all reasonable. We ordered a beef burger, a chicken burger and a clubhouse sandwich and each dish was so filling. The burger was so huge that I couldn’t finish the entire order.
El Dorado Bar and Restaurant
El Dorado Chicken Burger

El Dorado Shakes
El Dorado Buko
The shakes were also so refreshing. We ordered the Mango and the Papaya shake.

El Dorado Parfaits

We also ordered the Exotique, which was a parfait that had mango as the main ingredient. We also ordered the Chocolate Banana Parfait which had banana and and chocolate to fill up your tummies. The Exotique was a little too sweet for me. For the chocolate lovers, you will like the Chocolate Banana Parfait.
El Dorado Parfaits 2
The only thing about the restaurant is that the order comes in after 20 minutes or more. What you can do is take your camera and hit the beach to take nature shots, or you can just take a dip while waiting for the food.
El Dorado Diving
El Dorado Divers
El Dorado Dive Society
There are also other things that you can do in El Dorado. For those who want to learn diving, there are SSI / PADI Diving / Specialty courses available. For those who are not divers, there are boat rides and ray board riding available. Here are the rates for the activities: DIVING RATES
El Dorado Massage 1
El Dorado Doctor Fish
El Dorado fishes
El Dorado Garra Rufa Fish
If you just want to relax, you can have a massage, or try out their Garra Rufa Fish Spa. These fishes remove the dead layers of your skin. I dipped my hand into the water and these fishes started nibbling on my hand. It was a cool experience!

There are also other activities that you can do. You can rent the pool table.
El Dorado Pool table

El Dorado is an enjoyable place. Your friends and family will definitely enjoy the relaxing ambiance. It’s the perfect getaway from a life in the city!

Contact Details:
El Dorado Beach Resort

Washington Road
6217 Lipayo / Dauin
Negros Oriental, Philippines
Tel. No.: (635)4252274
Fax No.: (635)4240238
Dive Center:

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