Ramen Bar: The Magic Ingredient Always Comes from the Heart

In the year 2008, my husband and I watched Ramen Girl, starring Brittany Murphy. The ramen in the film was so appetizing that we wondered why we didn’t hear of any restaurant in Manila who specializes in making Ramen.
Ramen is the perfect comfort food. You should watch this movie to know what I’m talking about.

We, Filipinos, have loved Japanese dishes, and ramen is a dish that is filling, affordable and comforting. We were happy to know that there’s this place in Eastwood City called Ramen Bar, which specializes in making this dish.

Ramen Bar at Eastwood City

Ramen Bar at Eastwood City

With a seating capacity of only around 30-50 people, the Ramen Bar has always been full every time we pass by. What’s good about this place is that the servers are so efficient and the meals are served on time. I also loved the red, black and wooden interior of the place. The drawings in the frames were so cute!

Ramen Bar offers quite a few dishes on their menu, as compared to other Japanese restaurants. Their food offerings is divided into small plates (great as appetizers), Big Plates (dishes with rice) Big Bowls (mostly Ramen variants with one salad offering), Sweets and Toppings. They have a very simple menu, but each of the dishes is made to perfection.

Ramen Bar Menu

Ramen Bar Menu

When my family and I tried went to Ramen Bar, we tried the following Ramen:

R.B.S. #1 (Php 380), which was soy infused Pork Ramen with tamago (soft boiled egg marinated for 48 hours), Naruto (fish sticks), nori (dried seaweed), negi (spring onion), chasyu (sliced pork) and Kakuni (Braised pork Belly).

Ramen Bar Ramen

Ramen Bar Ramen

We also tried the Super Chasyu Ramen (Php 380), which had slices of Chasyu (sliced pork) and Tamago (egg). For those chicken lovers (like me!), try the Spicy Karaage Ramen (Php 280). It’s Spicy Shoyu Ramen tooped with fried boneless chicken. Don’t like the spice? You can tell the waiters to take out the spice. Also, don’t forget to check out their specials board. We ordered the Shio Torigara Ramen (Php 280) and the Shoyu Torigara Ramen (Php 280) for my mom and sister.

Ramen Bar Eastwood  Gyoza

Ramen Bar Eastwood Gyoza

There are also other dishes, aside from Ramen, at the Ramen Bar that you can order. We tried the Gyoza, and it was delicious. The covering was cooked just right and the filling was perfect. We also heard, from our readers, that the Yakiniku Beef rice is something that should be recommended, so I guess we should try that, too!

If you happen to pass by Eastwood City, do visit Ramen Bar. Try to be early and reserve seats.

Contact Details:
Ramen Bar
Eastwood City Mall
Right Beside O’sonho

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