There’s a reason why KFC has been around for such a long time with their fried chicken recipes – it’s so darn good. From the original recipe fried chicken marinated in Col. Sanders’ secret blend of eleven spices, to the double-breaded (no wonder it’s so crispy!) hot and crispy chicken, it’s virtually impossible to imagine what the fast food landscape would look like without our trusted Kentucky Fried Chicken.

While their recipes and the blend of eleven spices has remained in lock and key for the past fifty or so years, one thing that is not kept secret is the fact that KFC dares to reinvent the norms in fast food dining. After all, only Kentucky Fried Chicken would dare to “innovate around chicken”.

KFC ChiliLime Chicken

And this is their latest innovation: ChiliLime fried chicken. No, it’s not another twister, or a variation of their uber-filling Fully Loaded meal. It’s right their next to original recipe and hot and crispy. Everything about this new variation is doubled – it is marinated in spices and lime and then sprinkled again with the same spices and lime after it is fried, and it is double-breaded to ensure its crispness. And that recipe results in only one thing: double the flavor!

We were initially taken aback by concept of two contrasting flavors in a single piece of chicken. But after trying it, we must admit that it actually works. It starts off spicy, almost identical to its hot and crispy sibling, then after a while the citrus hits and wafts through your palette. It has the same sensory appeal as Pinoy favorites like salty and sour adobo, or salty and spicy binagoongang baboy, or even our favorite Chinese dish sweet and sour pork.

We suggest getting a two-piece order and mixing it up – get one piece ChiliLime and another piece from the available recipes, hot and crispy or original. With a hint of heat and a kick of citrus, KFC’s ChiliLime chicken will definitely make your meal more interesting.

Head to the KFC nearest you starting Wednesday, October 13, and try Kentucky Fried Chicken’s newest fried chicken flavor!

KFC Delivery : 8878888

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