My wife and I both have roots in Negros. So when the trade fair came into town, it was imperative that we go. And we were not disappointed! We found some really excellent quality items there — this trade fair (unlike many bazaars today) was not about cheap prices but about high quality.

Here we list our favorite finds from the bazaar (in alphabetical order – click to see a bigger picture):

In case you’re interested, here are the contact numbers of the vendors that were able to talk to:

Art Energy: features beautiful asian/zen inspired furniture.
Contact Person: Catherine S. Hagad, UAP, PIID
Contact Info:, +63-920-9196811, +63-34-4330685

Bogsbrew: Negros Island Craft Beer
Contact Person: Felix H.Hagad
Contact Info:, +63-920-9041978, +63-34-4330685

Casa Carmela: Negros Delicacies
Makati: Estrella St, Makati (in front of Palm Village Gate and Colegio de Santa Rosa; beside Bel-Air’s Estrella-Zodiac entrance gate)
Bacolod: 54 Lizares Avenue, Bacolod City, Philippines 6100
Contact Info: 63-34-435-4460, Fax No. 63-34-435-3072, 0919-211-6586,

Domesticity: Fashionable Items with a Negros Flair
Contact Person: Mariel L. San Agustin
Contact Info: 0917-8906721,,

Felicia’s: Pastry Shop & Cafe (try their thins!!)
Contact Person: Carla S. Lacson
Contact Info: +63-920-9177033, +63-34-433-6586,

giftsfashion: chunky funky jewelry
Contact Info: +63-35-4221088, +63-35-4220097,,

Golden Furnishing: Wood based accent pieces
Contact Person: Efieda C. Chan
Contact Info: +63-34-7097875,

Hacienda Crafts: Unique and beautiful accent pieces and wooden furniture
Contact Person: Ina Gaston
Contact Info:, +63-34-2130062, +63-34-7170185,,

Kiculo: Young bags with an unmistakable Negros touch
Contact Person: Marichu D. Cusi
Contact Info:, +63-928-5030051, +63-34-4354518

Papel Handicrafts: Beautiful bags made from recycled paper
Contact Person: Salvacion L. Ledesma
Contact Info: +63-34-4410789, +63-920-9205565,

Precious Ceramics Mfg: Ceramic wind chimes and dividers
Contact Person: Precy T. Perez
Contact Info: +63-34-4442657, +63-939-1189738,

Pueblo Bakeshop: Negrense Delicacies
Contact Info (Makati): 831-6056, 833-5843
Contact Info Bacolod: +63-34-4341733, +63-34-4346418

Rodney Martinez Creations
: Beautiful paintings and table top pieces from an inspired artist
Contact Person: Mary Jane Martinez
Contact Info: +63-34-7095404, +63-920-8796945,
Contact Info of Rodney Martinez:, +63-919-4341569

Whew! That’s everything. Hurry to the Negros Fair now — today is the last day!

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  1. alex

    "other vendors" is crafted fantasies. and not ceramic but hand-sculpted, oven-baked polymer clay.=) food themed ones are scented by the way.


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