This August 4 to 7, the much anticipate WOFEX 2010 will be held at two venues: the SMX Convention Center and the World Trade Center. This is the “Ultimate Food Show event” of our country. In 2009, the WOFEX 2009 was quite a hit among food and beverage enthusiasts and foodies! There will be a lot of food and beverage products, such as baked products, canned goods, cheeses, chocolates, dairy products, frozen meat, snack foods and many more.

WOFEX 2010

At the WOFEX 2010, there will also be food equipments and allied products and services. We will definitely be at the WOFEX 2010! For more information about the event, please visit this link: WOFEX 2010

Here is a short video on the WOFEX 2010.

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