Comments for week 2 are now closed. We will be posting the post/mechanics for Week 3 shortly. You may place your comments there. For the latest tally, please check the ManilaReviews Forum.

The response to this promo has been nothing short of overwhelming.  Thank you so much to everyone who has joined and to those who are planning to join! And with that I want to say:

Welcome to WEEK 2 of the Nokia: My Life Promo!

ManilaReviews Nokia My Life Promo Week 2

For this week, you can earn additional raffle entries!!!

  1. 1 raffle entry = (1) Upload the above poster to Facebook, (2) tag 10 friends (hopefully 10 who you did not tag in Week 1), (3) tag Manila Reviews as well.  Make sure that this post is visible to everybody so that we can verify it. Please double check your link before you post it. See to it that it links back to the photo.
  2. 1 raffle entry = Tweet about the promo and make sure to include a link to http://manilareviews.com

IMPORTANT: Please leave a comment on this page once you have done the above.  Please make sure that you also write the links to the Facebook Upload and to the Tweet.  If you do not include the links we will not count your entry. (Sorry, we have to be more strict this week as we never got enough sleep last week! Migraine!)

Note that you are still eligible to get additional raffle entries by performing the mechanics for Week 1 ( if you have not yet done so).

We also invite you to check the raffle in our other blogs — make sure you read the mechanics for each as there are slight variations!

ManilaBlogs.com (Nokia C3)

ManilaFitness.com (Nokia 3720)

ManilaMommy.com (Nokia 7230)

ManilaShopaholic.com (Nokia C5)

Good luck, everybody! :)

PS – Also, we will be sending emails using the email address you used to comment on this page.  (For those who joined last week, it may already be in your inbox.) We need information to confirm your identity. Please make sure to reply to that email.  If you do not reply by September 14, 2010, we will disqualify your entry. Please note that we will not share any information you give us to anyone else.  We will only share the winner’s information and only with Nokia Philippines. Thank you!

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136 Responses

    • ej

      oks, and another one. this brings your total to 9 raffle entries, jack. :)

    • ej

      got it. 3 raffle entries for this, jack! :) dont forget to also post the promo poster, ok?

    • ej

      thanks adelaine. unfortunately, i dont see your uploaded/tagged pic on FB. can you make it visible to everybody so i can see as well? and then send me the link to the pic. :)

    • ej

      thanks for joining, pearl! that's 5 raffle entries in total for you. :)

    • ej

      expert! :) this brings your total to 10 raffle entries, minnierunner! thanks for joining! :)

    • ej

      thanks for joining, lyn! that's 2 raffle entries for you. :)

    • ej

      ayus! this brings your total raffle entries to 10, wendell! :)

    • ej

      oks, that's 1 more raffle entry, bringing your total to 8. :) thanks, theathom!

      • ej

        thanks roxanne! this is 4 raffle entries. love your answer to why the 5230 suits you btw. haha! :D

    • ej

      Hi Esvimin! You're welcome! This is our way of thanking all our readers! :)

      This nets you 2 raffle entries. :) Yes, you can still do the week 1 mechanics (except the tweet) to get more raffle entries! :)

    • ej

      nice! that's a total of 10 raffle entries. :) thanks again, Kenneth!

    • ej

      You get 2 raffle entries, shiela medina-beronilla! i can't credit your comment. we're not giving away a nokia C3 on ManilaReviews. ;-)

    • ej

      Thanks! I'll give you 1 more for this for the FB photo upload. The tweet, unfortunately, is for week 2 na. :) total raffle entries = 9 !

  1. Dhadha G.

    1.) Nokia 5230 fits my lifestyle because I'm a music lover and this could be the answer to my music problems! In just one click (or should I say tap), I will be able to listen to my favorite songs all day long. No more boring days for me! So coool! :)

    2.) Done liking Manila Reviews at FB. My profile is http://www.facebook.com/kerstinscloset

    3.) Joined the forum and introduced myself — http://forums.manilareviews.com/index.php?topic=3

    4.) Blogged: http://www.supladita.net/manila-reviews-nokia-my-

    5.) FB link status: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1409264606

    Nokia: My Life photo with tags: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1597333&amp

    6.) Tweeted: https://twitter.com/iheartcontest/status/22263387… — Username: @iheartcontest

    Congrats and more power! :)

    xoxo, Dhadha