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Someone once told me, if you start something right, it will end right. For most of us, the day starts with breakfast, and so a meal that fills you just right would be the perfect beginning. Almost everywhere in the Philippines, you will be able to find the Filipino favorites: arroz caldo, tapsilog, bangsilog and my guilty pleasure, hotsilog! Don’t get me wrong. If I start my day with any one of these, I am set. But there is just something to be said about breakfast in Zamboanga. Have you tried Zamboanga’s satti?

When in Zamboanga City, whether you start your day or end your night with an all-day-breakfast meal, Zamboanga’s satti beats silog every time. The satti are tiny pieces of beef in skewers that are more like thick slivers of wood in a bowl of the red, spicy sauce. Zamboanga’s satti is a popular choice for the locals. They usually are made out of beef, but some satti houses offer chicken as well. To complete the meal, puso, rice steamed in coconut leaves is recommended. Served hot, this meal is bound to warm and fill your stomach, and give you the fuel you need to get you going in the morning.

The culinary culture of Zamboanga is an interesting one, reflecting the rich history the city has. A wonderfully curious mix of Spanish, Malay and indigenous flavors define the cuisine of the equally eclectic people that reside there. The Zamboanga’s satti is a perfect representation of that.

When I was first told of satti, I was expecting something along the lines of satay, the famous Malay barbecue. Hey, easy mistake to make, satti, satay. It sounds the same. And considering the proximity of Zamboanga to Malaysia, it was an easy assumption to make. Imagine my surprise when I realized the only similarity they had was that they were both meat in skewers. That’s it. The flavor of Zamboanga’s satti is very local. The mix of spices that help build the flavor makes this dish very much our own, and even more so, Zamboanga’s own.

So when in Zamboanga do as the Zamboanguenos do, and take a walk down Pilar street an into Jimmy’s Satti, one of the more known satti joints to have breakfast in Zamboanga. Have a bowl of this inexpensive dish to start your day right. The Zamboanga’s satti will start and end your day perfectly!

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