We had to celebrate for good news and we wanted to try Mogu in Serendra. It was known to serve Japanese Fusion dishes. I was excited to try the dishes since I haven’t tried Japanese fusion dishes for the longest time.

Mogu Restaurant

For starters, we tried the Raw Japanese Oysters (Php 375) for three pieces. We were served huge oysters and it delicious and fresh.
Mogu Oysters

We also ordered the Kani Salad from Crab Stick on greens with Wasabi Dressing (Php 285). One order can be shared between two people, but if you are a big eater, you can finish the entire order. The wasabi dressing was a perfect twist for the kani salad.
Mogu Kani Salad

We also ordered the Four Cheese Pizza (Php 460). It was an ordinary pizza though; no ‘Japanese’ twist to it. It had a crispy crust and flavorful cheese topping. I just thought it was expensive though for a pizza.
Mogu Pizza

We ordered the Parmesan Crusted Scallops with Hollandaise sauce & pomodoro sauce (Php 485). The scallops were deep fried and breaded. It was topped with noodles that had pomodoro sauce. The hollandaise sauce was placed underneath the scallops. It was quite unique and different. I thought it was more “italian” than Japanese though.
Mogu Scallops

For the main course, we ordered the house specialties: Harami and Sukiyaki. The sukiyaki was served not yet cooked. It was place in a stand where it will be cooked. Do try to mix it so that it cooks evenly. If it is cooked already, serve it right away. Though a good concept, I think it’s not practical. What happened to our sukiyaki was that it was either burnt or undercooked. The waiters were so busy that they did not even tell us what to do and were at other tables. We tried calling them but they all seemed to be looking down, thus, we had a mixture of bad and good sukiyaki. The sukiyaki was sold at Php 680 and would serve 4 people. It has tofu, boneless prime shortribs (which we didn’t get to appreciate), shrataki noodles, mushrooms and vegetables.
Mogu Sukiyaki

The other meal we ordered was the Harami. We were served 200 grams of marbled boneless prime shortribs. This was probably the best dish during that evening. It was served with maitake mushrooms, edamame rice and miso soup. I also liked the miso soup. This set menu was sold at Php 780.
Mogu Harami

I would go back for the Harami and the Scallops, but the thing is the service was terrible. We ordered 5 harami dishes and 4 were sent to our table. We reminded the waiter of the one more order. He insisted that we already had the five. To that, my sister said ‘ wait, bilangin natin (let’s count it)’. The waiter then stared at my sister in disgust. The thing is, I saw the way he looked, parang “inirapan” nya. I was shocked. After we counted it, it was really just four. He then went to the kitchen and brough out the last one and apologized. The thing is he looked at my sister really mean and I just wondered if he knew what good service was.

The food was okay. I like the Harami, although the food is a little expensive. The service has to improve though. Did you have the same experience? I hope this was an isolated case.

Contact Details:
Mogu Shinsen Bar and Grill
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio High Street

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4 Responses

  1. Justin

    Had the worst experience at Mogu Serendra.

    Waitress Rosyln Gave the worst service and talked very rudely.


  2. ericka gonzalez

    Hi.. I think you should try their pumpkin soup. It really tastes good and it is very creamy. I highly recommend it to you since you're planning to go back there. I also like the scallops with bacon I think you should try it as well. :)


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