What better wat to celebrate my Father’s birthday but to have lunch at HK Choi in Megamall. We had a filling meal of Chinese cuisine in Manila. This is one of the Chinese restaurants in Manila that I will definitely recommend.
HK Choi Lights
This Chinese restaurant had a nice interior. I loved the lights and the mini chandeliers that they had. The tables and chairs gave a clean and modern feeling with a cream colored motif.
HK Choi Setting
We, of course, ordered the Birthday Noodles that was sold in thise Chinese restuarant for Php 200. One serving was good for 4 -6 people. It had firm noodles. It was filled with mixtures of orange quail eggs, meat and vegetables.

HK Choi Birthday Noodles

My favorite dish at HK Choi is the Hot Prawn Salad at Php 300. The dish was very well presented. It had different colorful vegetables that served as the bottom layer. The fried shrimp and some cut fruits were mixed in a delicious sweet and creamy sauce. It was like eating “hot” fruit salad.

HK Choi Hot Salad

Another good dish to order in this Chinese restaurant is the Roast Duck 1/4 which is sold at Php 320. If you are craving for dusk, but can’t finish the entire duck, you will love this. The duck had crispy skin and filling meat. I came with a semi-clear sauce that looked like lumpia sauce.

HK Choi Roast Duck

A healthy dish that you could order is the Steamed Fish Fillet with garlic at Php260. The fish was creamy and delicious. It had a mild flavor that you will surely love!

HK Choi Steamed Fish

We ordered the Salted fish rice to go with the dishes that we ordered.

HK Choi Restaurant Rice

This Chinese restaurant says that they do not use msg as an ingredient for their dishes. For an affordable and filling meal with the family, try HK Choi!

Contact Details:
HK Choi
SM Megamall

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