Filipinos love celebrities. They love writing letters to their celebrity idols. Oh wait, let me correct that. They love emailing their celebrities and setting up websites for these movie, tv series or music idols. It’s not surprising that the sites or blogs with the highest hits in our country (or any country in that matter) are blogs and sites with ‘celebrity topics’. We also love patronizing these ‘stars’. Case study… exhibit a, we have several promo items for our own celebrities, from Jolina dolls to the faces of our celebrity idols in our notebooks. I just realized that ‘Santino’ has his own notebook. Exhibit b, we use celebrity lines from movies, songs and words in our conversations. An example is, “She had me at my worst, You had me at my best, and you chose to break my heart” (yeeess!). And exhibit c, quite a number of our politicians are former celebrities. We still patronize them even after their career.

But come to think of it, what do we get out of patronizing these celebrities? Even if we write them a thousand emails or leave ‘stalker-y’ messages in their facebook or add them as friends, do they really answer?

I came across this new purpose for twitter. Check it out!

Hilarious right? Is this true? Is twitter another tool for us to be ignored by these celebrities.

My thoughts are celebrities are people who have to who work for a living. They probably have shoots every minute and every second of the day and they could not possibly answer each and every tweet. Although, we sometimes wish they answer a few messages. For us, stalkers (hehe), please do leave messages that would not make them think you were stalking them. Try to formulate messages that have sense.

I still think that celebrities have great responsibilities of influencing others especially kids. I always wanted to be a celebrity, but I never got the chance to meet Boy Abunda or Annabelle Rama to handle my career (shucks!). Even if they don’t get to personally communicate with us, having a clean, wholesome and an attitude that we would look up to would be enough. That’s my opinion.

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