I’m sick and I need to satisfy my craving. Right now, I’m thinking of a big, fat and juicy burger! The first brand that comes to my mind that fits my ‘vision’ would be Brother’s Burger. I quickly ordered online via Quickdelivery.ph.

Brother’s Burger was started by three brothers in 1999. I’m pretty sure that during that time, they also had the same ‘vision’ that I had. Their burgers are all quite big and charbroiled!

We ordered one burger each for lunch. That’s quite enough since their burgers are huge and filling. I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Php 160). This is my favorite and I know a lot of health conscious people who order this if they are craving for burgers. What I love about it is that the chicken patty is quite thick and even if it is charbroiled, it is still quite juicy. The burger came with lettuce and garlic cream cheese. I also like the bun that they use. The bun in itself is very flavorful.

Brother's Burger Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Brother's Burger Grilled Chicken Sandwich

My husband ordered the Ranchero burger, which was one of the Designer burgers that they were offering. It was a big burger with a charbroiled 100% beef patty that was cooked pretty well (not much burnt part). It came with around 3 onion rings, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes. It was served with a white, powdery bread that was also delicious.
Brother's Burger Ranchero Burger

Brother's Burger Ranchero Burger

If you visit brother’s burger, do not forget to order the onion rings (Php 60). They also have other add ons such as garlic fries (Php 155), french fries (Php 60), hot bites (Php 90) and chili fries (Php 150).
Brother's Burger Onion Rings

Brother's Burger Onion Rings

In terms of presentation for their deliveries, my burger was wrapped in a paper packaging. For the designer burger, it was placed in a box. When we opened it, the burger’s ingredients were all in disarray. I hope that they do something to keep it in place.
Brother's Burger Delivery

I also frequent the Brother’s Burger near our office. The food was great, but they have to do something about the speed of service. It normally takes a long time before our orders are delivered.

If you have an urge to have a burger this big, juicy and delicious, have a Brother’s Burger.

Contact Details:
Brother’s Burger

Locations: For the complete list, click HERE

Head Office:
Unit 2 & 3 V&O Building
Don Bosco St., Pasong Tamo
Makati City, Philippines 1202
Tel. No.: (632) 891-1784
Fax No.: (632) 815-0736
Email: marketing@brothersburger.com.ph / franchise@brothersburger.com.ph

For Franchising:
Ms. Rachel O. Pineda
Tel. no.: (632) 891-1784

For Marketing & Catering:
Ms. Neren Mangabat
Tel. no.: (632) 815 0732

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12 Responses

  1. Gret

    @ej: Haven't tried the onion rings yet. Heard they are good. I'll try next time…

  2. Gret

    Well in fairness to BB (Brothers Burger, haha!), it's not meant to be a fast food. :) I went to their Alabang branch, in Westgate, may katagalan nga. But their burger is worth the wait…Love it.

    • ej

      @Gret: True dat. But sometimes the burgers just take too damn long! :D Love the ranchero and their onion rings tho.

  3. u8mypinkcookies

    I read about the Angus Burger promo too! I usually just go for Brother's Burger or Baby Brother + fries.. depending on my appetite! LOL :)

    oh yah, Burger Avenue's Avenue Burger is yummy, plus their thick-cut & skin on fries… But my fave now is Army Navy's Burger!! LOOOOOOVE it!!

    Haha, now I'm craving!!

    • ej

      hmmm… we should do a best burger series! pero we might die doing that. I know, isurvey natin! :D

  4. dyanie

    oh BB! they have a promo now ah! Angus Burger with fries now only P265! havent tried that yet coz im loving cream cheese burger at Burger Avenue in A.Venue Makati. :)


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